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Quentin L. noted on Google

2 months ago
mari m. noted on Google

(Translated by Google) I found it by chance when I passed in front of the shop in the morning! After watching the process of making dim sum through the glass, I decided to stop by later. Even at 2:30 pm, the outside was full and we took out. E1 pre-prepared shrimp, E5 slightly sweet baked pork, and pork fried rice were very delicious with plenty of green peas and a light taste. Next time, we will eat in. (Original) 午前中お店の前を通った時偶然見つけました! ガラス越しで点心を作る作業を見て後で必ず立ち寄る事を決めました。午後2時30分でも外まで満席でテイクアウトしました。 E1 プリプリの海老、E5少し甘い豚肉の焼包、豚肉の炒飯はグリーンピースがたっぷりで薄味に仕上げられとても美味しかったです。 次回はイートインで頂きます。

2 months ago
Andréa F. noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Always a pleasure to eat their xiao long bao, but the service is very uneven and often unpleasant. (Original) Toujours un plaisir de manger leurs xiao long bao, mais le service est très inégal et souvent désagréable.

2 months ago
Morgane M. noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Excellent homemade Chinese food! (Original) Restauration chinoise maison excellente !

2 months ago
kevin c. noted on Google

(Translated by Google) A restaurant where you have a lot of choice, see a little too much, Chinese dishes, dumplings, Dim Sun, noodles, only problem: it is too successful, sometimes you have to wait a bit to get a table, especially on Fridays or Saturday!!! (Original) Un restaurant où t'as énormément de choix, voir un peu trop, des plats chinois, des dumplings, des Dim Sun, des nouilles, seul problème: il a trop de succès, faut parfois attendre un peu pour avoir une table surtout le vendredi ou le samedi !!!

3 months ago
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3 months ago
Kristel L. noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Very good dim sum! Admittedly the restaurant is noisy but the food is very good. The service is efficient and fast. You have to go at the start of the service. (Original) Très bons dim sums! Certes le restaurant est bruyant mais on y mange très bien. Le service est efficace et rapide. Il faut aller en début de service.

3 months ago
Florence S. noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Delicious steamed ravioli, everything is homemade. But a victim of its success, you should not expect very good service. (Original) Délicieux raviolis vapeur tout est fait maison. Mais victime de son succès il ne faut pas s attendre à un très bon service

3 months ago
Christopher T. noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Good restaurant, the ravioli are good (Original) Bon restaurant,les raviolis sont bons

3 months ago
Guillaume F. noted on Google

3 months ago