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(Translated by Google) We ate on their busiest day (Chinese New Year) and despite twice as many people, the food came out at a decent speed. The materials used in this store are really careful and practical, and the taste is also very good. You can experience the busy atmosphere of Chinese restaurants here, and those who have special requirements for the environment and service can move to other places. We are all satisfied with our meal and will go again next time. (Original) 我们在他们最忙的一天(春节)用餐,尽管人流是原来的2倍,但上菜速度还是可以的。这家店用料真的比较用心和实在,味道也很好。这里能体验到中国餐馆的市井忙碌气息,对环境和服务有特别要求的可以移步他处了。我们都吃的很满意,下次还会再去。

11 days ago
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(Translated by Google) Disappointed pancakes (Original) Decu des crêpes

12 days ago
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(Translated by Google) Lots of people, like all the restaurants in the neighborhood. So service not always fast. There are very good dishes in this case vapors. There are very nice waiters, but not everyone. Tonight I got corrected by the girl around 35 who was making the ravioli. While the boss is very smiling! (Original) Beaucoup de monde, comme tout les restos du quartier. Donc service pas tjrs rapide. Il y a de très bons plats en l'occurrence les vapeurs. Il y a des serveurs très sympas, mais pas tout le monde. Ce soir je me suis fait corriger par la nana 35 ans environ qui préparait les raviolis. Alors que la patronne est très souriante !

12 days ago
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(Translated by Google) Very good restaurant! The prices are reasonable and it's very good! Only pb, the service. But hey they are efficient, there are simply too many people for the place. (Original) Tres bon restaurant ! Les prix sont raisonnables et c'edt tres bon ! Seul pb, le service. Mais bon ils sont efficzces, simplement ya trop de monde pour la place.

19 days ago
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Best homemade dim sum in Paris. Metro Arts and métier. Signature xiu long bao : Shanghai steam dim sum with juice inside. Long waiting time before to be seated.

25 days ago
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(Translated by Google) Very welcoming and caring professionals. Very good and plentiful food ... I will come back (Original) Professionnels très accueillants et bienveillants. Cuisine très bonne et copieuse...je reviendrai

a month ago
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(Translated by Google) Homemade, very very good, €48 for 3, with starter and main course plus an iced tea.... Think about coming happy because it's small and crowded... (Original) Du fait maison , du très très bon ,48€ pour 3 , avec entrée et plats plus un thé glacé.... Penser à venir de bonheur car c'est petit et blinde de monde ...

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